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Despite swirling economic head winds, fixed operations remains a bright spot for franchised dealers. It’s the steady stalwart relied upon as a profit center during the variables that impact sales. And franchised service centers have distinct advantages that independent shops can’t beat.

In a recent survey, CDK asked over 2,000 service shoppers where they turn most often for vehicle repairs and maintenance. Nearly half, 43%, picked a dealership as their first choice.

The camaraderie and partnership that comes with being at NADA were in full effect at this year’s show in Las Vegas.

The excitement about what’s to come was felt at the CDK booth, where hundreds of visitors stopped by to learn about new capabilities and solutions that provide more efficient and connected buying and selling experiences. Before the doors closed, Jason Swiech, CDK’s lead product marketer for F&I, shared his thoughts on the show and what made it so unique.

This is your 12th NADA Show with CDK. What felt different about this year?

After three years of dramatic post-pandemic market swings, buyers in 2024 are poised to take back the wheel with plenty of inventory choices, slightly lower prices and a jump in automaker incentives. This buyer’s market has many hailing the return of normalcy.

Still, analysts predict slow growth for the industry in general, with many forecasting around 16 million new vehicle sales. That’s over a million fewer sales prior to the pandemic.

The automotive industry has returned to somewhat of a pre-pandemic state at the end of 2023, but car buyers are still shopping with pandemic-style expectations. CDK surveyed nearly 1,200 car buyers and approximately 350 dealers to gauge the pain points and improvements at dealerships across the country over the last year.

There is little debate of the value the F&I function provides a car dealership. However, as the industry consider who is best to discuss and sell F&I products to buyers CDK Global wanted to get a better understanding of how consumers feel about the process today.

CDK Global surveyed over 1,200 car buyers for the F&I at the Dealership white paper to find out just what they think of one of the most important profit centers a dealership has.

CDK Global endeavors to connect dealers with the automotive industry at large and our in-depth and revealing research covers everything from Modern Retail and F&I to service and shopper behavior. Below, find the top white papers and e-books CDK published in 2023 on automotive retail issues that are top of mind for car dealers everywhere.


Our industry has come a long way toward offering different paths to purchase for vehicle buyers. Shoppers can buy online, visit the showroom, or take a hybrid approach where they complete some of the steps online and finish in the dealership.

The ideal path is simply the one that works best for each individual buyer and leaves them feeling confident in their purchase. And that should come as no surprise.